Employers Continue to Deprioritize Diversity Hiring

When companies care about something, they put money behind it. Now, of course, you might argue that all organizations have limited resources, and while they might care about various initiatives and goals, they can’t provide adequate funding to all of them. Original source: https://www.tlnt.com/sdfsdf/

Don’t Let the New Lease Accounting Standards Spook You

Transitioning to ASC 842 can be scary. The new standards are starting to spook private organizations as they begin the implementation process. The good news is, you don’t have to navigate the unknown alone. Every good team, like the Ghostbusters or Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. Gang needs teamwork to solve the spooky mystery in […]

When to Buy Your Travel Insurance Plan

When is the best time to buy a travel insurance plan to protect your next trip? That likely depends on your specific situation and your needs, so we’ll break down the timing for you, including the option for early purchase benefits and what to know about coverage for hurricanes and severe storms. Original source: https://blog.travelinsure.com/2021/10/when-to-buy-your-travel-insurance-plan.html

Retiring On A Shoestring: How It’s Going 2 Years Later

Joan and Steve Reid planned to retire happily by slashing their spending after moving from New York to less-costly Florida in 2019. Here’s what happened. Original source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2021/10/15/retiring-on-a-shoestring-how-its-going-2-years-later/

Reimagining insurance from the outside in

In the wake of COVID-19, insurance customers are looking for more than most insurers typically offer. They are looking for protection from all forms of controllable adversity. To meet these new customer demands, insurers need to move from traditional risk indemnification models to proactive risk mitigation and management. This means changes in both external, customer-facing… […]

California City Paying $11M to Settle Fatal Crosswalk Crash

Sacramento has paid $11 million to settle a lawsuit after a car hit a boy and killed his grandmother in 2018, one of the city’s largest such payouts. QuiChang Zhu, 72, and her grandson Jian Hao Kuang, 6, were using … Original source: https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/west/2021/10/15/637513.htm

15 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Life Insurance

15 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Life Insurance Protecting your dependents’ livelihood with life insurance is always a wise decision. But, at the same time, buying a life insurance policy can seem overwhelming. And, that’s understandable with the… Read More…