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Easy for you and affordable for your employees

PCFG Insurance has partnered with Human Interest, a 401(k) provider for small- and medium-sized businesses, to add an affordable retirement service to your benefit offering. 

Human Interest eliminates the burden of managing a 401(k) plan with easy setup and administration, recordkeeping, and streamlined onboarding for employees. A top rated 401(k) provider on Google, Human Interests works with over 10,000+ businesses and has a 70% participation rate (2x the industry average).

Get the benefits of a large-scale retirement plan with less of the hassle.

Easy setup and administration

Say goodbye to most of the manual work of setting up and managing a 401(k). Human Interest
handle compliance, recordkeeping, and updating employee information every payroll

“No-Touch” integration with 400+ payroll providers

Human Interest’s integration reduces the burden of managing a 401(k) by syncing to
payroll, processing contributions, and handling employee contribution rates changes.

Investment education

Human Interest offers built-in education like our learning center and other educational resources.

Affordable, low cost investment options

Human Interest aim to keep fees low — and transparent — for both employers and employees.
Employees can invest in low cost mutual funds across multiple asset classes and risk

Continuous 401(k) account management

Human Interest provides ongoing support for administrators and employees. With our
Concierge plan, customers will have access to a dedicated Account Manager.

Transparent pricing

Human Interest’s 401(k) includes recordkeeping,
compliance services, full account setup, flexible plan design options, and reporting. Employers who sign up in time can also take advantage of up to $5,000 in tax credits for 3 years.


A one-time $499 setup fee may apply. Additionally, a Human Interest Advisory Fee, typically 0.50%, is billed according to the Terms of Service, versus the industry average fees of 1.64% of account balances.

Traditional providers vs. Human Interest

Traditional providers have built their business on administering large 401(k) plans. They have not built the
technology and automation required to efficiently run small plans. Human Interest’s fully automated 401(k)
plans can be set up online without ongoing administration and less the cost of traditional 401(k)s.

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