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What are companies looking for today? Over the years we have witnessed technological advances and how every day companies look for trained or experienced people in the technology sector, however, that is not all.

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The demand for job profiles with technical and digital skills is growing and therefore talent is becoming one of the most difficult to find. In fact, according to a Q3 2021 survey by Manpower Group, 69% of companies globally report that they cannot find the professionals they need.

According to a report by albo , a commission-free account to receive, transfer and manage your money, technology-related jobs are the most demanded in the labor market in Mexico. However, these are the profiles that are scarce today. In the Aztec country, three out of every four companies say they have difficulties finding vacancies related to digital skills.

In April 2021, an increase of 15% in the offer of jobs related to technology in Mexico was reported, compared to the same period of 2020, also the increase is 58% more than in 2019, according to data from the search Indeed.

But, technological skills are not everything, the recruiters of these companies are also focusing on finding professionals with ” soft skills ” or soft skills necessary to fit into the culture of implementing new work styles.

What are the “soft skills” most demanded by 100% tech companies?

According to Elisa Sahagún, people lead of albo , they are the following:

  1. Responsibility for the result (Accountability) – Technology companies are increasingly betting on flexible work, without traditional established schedules. This entails having professionals who are “owners” of their projects, who take responsibility for the work and its results, be it at an individual level or a group project. To achieve this, proactivity and a commitment to quality are key aspects.
  2. Change agents focused on teamwork – One of the characteristics of technology companies is that changes are constant. Therefore, they look for profiles that feel comfortable with adapting to different circumstances, visions and situations and that, in addition, can “spread” this enthusiasm for improvement to their teams or coworkers.
  3. “Intrapreneurs”: Innovation and leadership – Tech organizations look for internal entrepreneurs, who are characterized by conviction, passion and drive to make things happen and who lead by example. These profiles are focused on innovation in ideas, processes, functions, etc. and they are not afraid to communicate it. They also look for challenges and challenges that drive them to continuous learning.
  4. Passion for working based on results – The modalities of remote or flexible work encourage professionals with high autonomy, who feel comfortable working based on very specific and precise objectives, regardless of the hours dedicated to achieving the results expected by the company. For this, companies look for profiles with experience in setting priorities and with self-organization.

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