Many people our age, who no longer need to keep to a work or school schedule, have found that September is the best month to go on vacation. Don’t you agree? Summer crowds are gone, but shops and restaurants remain open. The weather is still pleasantly warm — no longer stifling hot, but not yet cold and blustery. And sometimes there’s a surprise.

What is this … a surprise?

   We just took a trip to one of our favorite places, Cape Cod, on the eastern end of Massachusetts.

The road down to the water

     We found an airbnb at a post-season price, near Nantucket Sound.

The shimmering sound

   We spent a few days walking on the beach, wading in the water, and enjoying the light September breezes.

Late summer beach

     The shoreline was mostly empty . . . 

A few stragglers

     Although a few late-season vacationers played on the abandoned-for-the-winter lifeguard stand.

Fog and mist

     One day we drove up to Nauset beach on the Atlantic Ocean.


   The waves came crashing out of the fog.

The fire is lit

     We hung around until dusk when — surprise! — the town of Orleans held its annual end-of-summer bonfire.

In full flame

          Now that’s a fire!

Evening colors

   The last night we headed back down to our beach . . . 

The moon emerges

     and watched a full moon rise over Nantucket Sound.

End of day

     And now the day is done. 

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