Farm Insurance

Every farm needs precise planning

Having the proper farm insurance coverage at an affordable rate can make the difference between the success and failure of your business. Allow our insurance experts to help guide you to success.


Farm homes, houses, machinery, vehicles, and animals are usually covered under your basic policy, which is all the coverage that most farm and ranch operations need. Then we'll talk about optional coverages that you can tailor to your specific needs. That is, you just pay for the defense you need, not for those that you do not.

Let us create the best farm protection plan for you!


Farm Insurance Packages for You

From hobby farms to production farms, we take pleasure in helping protect farms and ranches with an assortment of dependable insurance options.

Hobby Farm

According to the USDA, hobby farms account for a  12 % increase in rural county population since 1990, and account for more than half of all farms since 2007.

So whether you have a flock of chickens, or a small herd of goats, protect your passion and your love.
Who it for?
• Farming is not the primary occupation
• No employees involved with farm activities
• Smaller farms, ranches and rural acreages
• Other eligibility guidelines may apply

Small & Medium Production Farm

Does your farm provide an income for you and your family? Then it may not only be your most important investment.

Small and midsize producers provide opportunities for American agriculture across the country. Over the past 10 years we have seen a major increase in farm to table. Protect your investment and livelihood.
Who it for?
• Traditional production small to medium farms and ranches
• Market
     ‣ Crops
     ‣ General Livestock
     ‣ Cattle
     ‣ Dairy
     ‣ Fruit, Vegetables and Tree Nuts
     ‣ Poultry
• May provide main source of income

Commercial Farming

It started small, but now you're a supplier for grocery stores. Commercial farming takes special planning and protection. Protect your diversified and direct market ag operations.
Who it for?
• Large, integrated farms and ranches with commercial exposure
• Market
     ‣ Grower/Packer/ Shippers
     ‣ Fertilizer Dealers/ Distributors
     ‣ Seed Dealers Distributors
     ‣ Fruit Vegetable Dealers/Distributors
     ‣ Dairy with Processing
• Large gross sales accounts

Specialty Farm

Do you raise bees, or maybe your a vineyard, or perhaps another specialty. You require special coverage to ensure that!
Who it for?
• Specialty production small to medium farms and ranches
• Market
     ‣ Bees
     ‣ Vineyard
     ‣ Hops
     ‣ Hemp
     ‣ Cannabis
• May provide main source of income


Rental reimbursement
Equipment breakdown
GPS equipment
Cab glass repair or replacement
Foreign object damage to combines
Damage during towing and hitching
Farm machinery contact with roadbed or ground
Borrowed farm machinery
Fire extinguisher recharge
Disruption of farming operations
Identity fraud expense coverage
Earthquake coverage
Farm machinery and equipment replacement
Peak season coverage endorsement
Sewer/sump pump backup
Temperature sensitive endorsement
Household property protection
It's more than a company to you; it's a legacy, a source of income, and your own personal version of the American dream. Allow us to assist you in safeguarding the items that are most important to you.

Still need help?

We're standing by to help you with your insurance needs. Let our licensed insurance advisors help you with you plan.
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