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Just a week ago, a scandal broke out because Hooters’ new uniform “looks like underwear,” according to complaints from several chain employees. One of the arguments to defend the very short shorts is that they increase the amount of tips that the girls receive. Now, a Hooters waitress revealed on TikTok how much money she makes per week just on ‘extras’, in addition to her salary.

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The tiktoker Kirsten Songer went viral at the end of 2020 for sharing her day to day as a waitress at said restaurant. The 22-year-old, better known as ‘The flat Hooters girl’ is described as a “medical student, Hooters girl” and “aspiring TikTok star” on her Instagram profile.

Songer , a graduate of the University of South Carolina , now attends medical school , but retains her profitable network job. Last June, Kirsten revealed how much she makes a week as a Hooters waitress in tips alone .

In a clip of almost a minute, the young woman shows the tickets she received during the different shifts she covered during the week. Songer’s tips ranged from $ 50 to $ 408 per day ($ 1,000 to $ 8,200 Mexican pesos) . He also added the extra $ 60 that “a guy at the bar” gave him just for talking to him.


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In total, Kirsten earned about $ 1,310 (almost $ 26,500 MXN) in tips during the week . That is, your annual income potential would be around $ 70,000 . That amount is in the salary range of transportation inspectors and insurance appraisers, and is higher than the average salary in South Carolina, which is $ 54,672 a year , according to this year’s Ziprecruiter data.

Big tips, small salary

Kristen revealed another fact that caused astonishment and outrage among netizens: her official salary as a waitress was Hooters .

Since 2019, by law, anyone who works in a restaurant in the United States, regardless of what state, must receive a minimum payment of $ 7.25 per hour, including tips (about 146 Mexican pesos).

However, based on the minimum wage rules in their respective states, servers can receive an “effective minimum wage” . That federal minimum wage for waiters and other tipped employees is just $ 2.13 an hour in South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Nebraska.

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