Now with remote work being the norm, it’s made it even harder for employees to feel connected to the company. A poll by Engine Insights at the peak of the pandemic last year found that even younger workers were struggling with remote working. Almost all said they felt ‘less connected’ with their co-workers.

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How remote leaders can build a sense of cohesion

So, what can leaders do? If you’re at a massive, renowned brand like Mondelez International, which markets beloved consumer products like Cadbury, Chips Ahoy, Milka and Oreo, you may have lucked out, strategy-wise. Mondelez has always leveraged on their product brands to strengthen their people culture, but it’s come in extra handy with staff working from home.

Ione Ozaeta-Mundin, Southeast Asia talent management lead at Mondelez International, shared that their HR team have focused on two things to strengthen a sense of cohesion and connection through the crisis. Firstly, to cultivate and sustain a sense of pride in their product brands. Next, to translate the values included in the branding into their work practices and ultimately, into their organisational culture.

“On cultivating the love of our brands, this is almost a given that it’s such a pleasure because we are a consumer products company that is taking care of brands with such amazing heritage, legacy, and history,” she said in a HRD panel discussion. “[The] brands touch the lives of our consumers in such an emotive way. When we bring a Cadbury treat or an Oreo pack to family and friends, we always become the favourite uncles and aunts, and favourite friends in our social groups, because we always bring the best snacks for everybody.

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