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HR360 Gives You Tools That Help To Master HR

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Attorney Written & Reviewed HR Compliance Library
HR & Benefits Newsletters
HR & Benefits Alerts
State and Federal compliance notifications on changes that impact your business
State and Federal compliance notifications on changes that impact your business
Over 100 HR Training Videos
Easy-to-Navigate Website
Over 500 HR Forms


Compliance & Risk Management
Helping your organization navigate the complex world of compliance and risk management. Provides access to tools and a content library to help them maintain compliance and avoid potential penalties.
Education & Training
Elevate your employees experience with industry-leading education and training platforms. Get access to an online portal to create a one-stop shop for all the content, tools and resources you need. Get your customizable learning management system (LMS).
People Management
Tools centered around your biggest investment—your employees. Get access to the HR Apps and resources you need to do their jobs more effectively, along with access to a team of experienced HR professionals who are ready to answer your pressing business questions.
Enrollment & Onboarding
Make it easier for your organization and employees’ with an easy to use benefits enrollment and onboarding process. Get a benefits administration portal and customized HR information system that simplifies the election process and saves time.

HR Intelligence at Your Fingertips

From Health Care Reform, COBRA, & FMLA on how to interview, hire & fire staff, with HR360, you will find step-by-step guides on how to comply with a large array of regulations. You can easily generate handbooks, performance reviews, job descriptions, interview questions, & generate COBRA notices, benchmark salaries & so much more with our HR Apps & Resource section. HR 360 provides simple directions & step-by-step wizards that will help you to stay compliant, whether you have 5 employees or 5000.
Shield Your Business & Your Bottom Line With HR360
All HR360 plans features as listed. Select the plan that is right for you.


What is HR360
HR360 is the premier online Human Resources library includes the most recent federal and state health care reform regulations, COBRA, FMLA, and employee recruitment and termination. HR360 makes the human resource management tasks a breeze with access to simple-to-use hr software and compliance resources. Develop manuals, write job descriptions, receive notice of regulatory changes affecting your company, and more all in one location. HR360 is used by over 400,000 individuals to help them navigate the dynamic world of HR.
How do I know the information in the library is accurate?
All material is written and/or edited by lawyers with extensive expertise in HR, compensation and labor relations in the HR360 library. Rest assured that all details, types, and information are current. Original content is produced by HR360, sourced only from federal and state government websites.
How long does it take to get access to HR360 after I purchase the plan?
All HR360 accounts have been manually generated and checked. This account is created within 24 hours after purchase in most instances, but may take up to 72 hours.
How often is HR360 updated?
Hr 360, also known as HR360, is published on a regular basis. By default, you will be informed if the federal or state regulations change. You can pick which states you are working in, or you can receive notifications for all states.

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