Infinite Banking

Be your own banker, control your finances, and grow your wealth with Infinite Banking at Preferred Choice Financial Group.

What is Infinite Banking?

Infinite banking is the concept of self-funding through a whole life insurance policy. Rather than obtaining a loan through a bank or third-party lender, a whole life insurance policy holder can lend to themself using the cash value of their policy as collateral, typically at a lower interest rate. This is a quicker and more efficient process than obtaining a bank loan, as the funds are already yours so there are no qualifications or credit checks required. 

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Be Your Own Banker

No longer rely on an outside lender! Have easy access to your own funds, pay less taxes, and aim to live a debt free life.

Control Your Finances

Ease the stress of borrowing by having more control and certainty. Oversee the growth of your wealth by allowing it to grow on its own or contribute more over time. 

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Grow Your Wealth

Confidently store your money and experience higher growth rates than any savings account to expand your wealth. 

Whole Life Insurance Policy Benefits

Longevity: Life Long Coverage

Designed to work for you, whole life insurance policies do not have a time limit. In other words, you are covered for life!

Receive Benefits During Life and After Death

Different from a typical term policy, a whole life insurance policy, also known as a permanent policy, is meant to be utilized by the holder during their lifetime. Infinite banking is made possible through the use of this policy. 

Your Policy Will Work For You!

Utilize your policy to grow your wealth. As you invest in your policy it continues to grow, so investing in your policy means investing in yourself. 

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