How Sun Life’s advisors commit to being lifetime partners of clients

Nowadays, Filipinos are becoming more aware of the value of finances not only for life’s celebrations but also for its various challenges. For Filipinos seeking guidance to keep up their finances throughout every life stage, they can find a financial advisor who will be a part of their lives and a partner for life.

Alex Narciso, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. President

Alex Narciso, President of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., shares why Filipinos can find a committed and competent partner for their financial needs from the 20,000-strong advisory force of the insurance company.

Q: What makes Sun Life a special partner of Filipinos in financial matters?

A: There are many things that set us apart from the rest, but I’ll mention three for brevity. The first is our ability to overcome the odds, no matter how grim it may be. As you can see in our track record and 126 years of history, we have survived two World Wars and various economic crises and we are still able to deliver our commitments. With our stability and reliability, several generations of families placed their trust on us. The second one is because the core of our business is our clients. This means that everything we do is client-centered and we are committed to delivering our promises to our clients. Lastly, it’s because of the trust and confidence that our clients give to us, that truly inspires us to work even harder to meet their expectations as their partner for life.

Q: Why does Sun Life consider its financial advisors as “Part of Your Life, Partner for Life”?

A: Everyone needs a partner because we must constantly overcome challenges in life. By having the right partner, these challenges become easier, and we are always a step closer to succeeding and reaching our goals. When you make us a part of your life, we become your partner for life.

Here at Sun Life, we are more than just an insurance company because every client is our partner with whom we walk hand in hand as he journeys toward a brighter financial future. More than that, as our clients’ lifetime partner, we are always here by their side through thick or thin, good times or bad. We firmly believe that as their partner for life, we must consistently deliver our commitments to fulfill our role in their lives regardless of the hindrances.

One very important factor that helps us fulfill our commitments is our financial advisors. Sun Life’s financial advisors are our “frontliners” who are always there for the client, no matter the situation. They give sound financial advice as they provide regular guidance to our clients with their changing financial needs. Apart from that, they also go the extra mile by helping our clients maximize the benefit of their policies. Our latest campaign highlights this through the stories of three clients who have found in their advisors a partner for life.

Q: How does Sun Life assure that a prospective financial advisor can commit as a partner of clients?

A: We have a stringent selection process that involves several interviews and background checks. This is to make sure that their values are aligned with ours. Throughout their tenure as advisors, we not only highlight the importance of Sun Life’s advocacy but also equip them with the needed knowledge and tools to ensure that they will be able to deliver on their commitment to clients. We also have in place various programs to ensure the quality of service they deliver.

The products that we offer are long-term products that last beyond a lifetime. As such, the financial advisor must constantly assess his/her client’s needs as these needs may change over time, and this is where the partnership is exhibited the most — the lifelong connection.

Q: What happens if a financial advisor cannot uphold its commitment to the client anymore?

A: Sometimes, an advisor decides to leave Sun Life due to personal reasons (e.g. moved abroad, takes over the family business, gets seriously ill, etc.). Other times, an advisor’s contract is canceled because they did not meet company performance or ethical standards (e.g. production, market conduct guidelines). When this happens, the orphaned client has two options:

Q: Some Filipinos, however, refuse to have a financial advisor. Can you clarify those misconceptions on financial advisors that cause hesitancy among people?

Myth: “These advisors are just good at selling the product.”

Fact: Sun Life’s Financial Advisors are trained and equipped to provide the best advice on your journey to a financially bright tomorrow. They go beyond the act of selling a policy by getting to know you to understand your financial needs and situation. With this knowledge at hand, the financial advisor suggests what our clients must do so that they can maximize or reap the benefits of their investment.

Myth: “I don’t need a financial advisor. I can handle and work on my finances myself.”

Fact: While it is true that a person can learn the ins and outs of financial management with enough determination, a financial advisor is an invaluable partner who can provide a different perspective toward your financial needs and give the proper advice on the best course of action. As they say, “Two heads are better than one.”

Myth: “I only need one insurance policy to secure my future, so there is no need for a  long-term financial advisor.”

Fact: Your needs change as you go from one life stage to another and one product isn’t likely to give you sufficient coverage. A financial advisor can guide you as you transition from one life stage to another, so you can ensure that you are well-covered no matter what happens.

Q: How can Filipinos find a financial advisor from Sun Life?

A: They can ask for referrals from family members and friends. Alternatively, they can also use the Advisor Match feature on our website ( where they can either choose one from a short list we’ve prepared or allow Sun Life to recommend one for them.

Nevertheless, the best financial advisor would be someone you are confident with sharing your financial situation because they will only be able to give you appropriate advice if they clearly understand your situation.


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