Costa Rica has so many nice places from which to choose that it is often difficult to make a decision as to where one wants to reside.

Once you find your piece of paradise then you have a choice of renting or buying. The former gives you more flexibility if it turns out you made a poor choice. You can then look for another location and see if it fits the bill.

Purchasing a home locks you into one spot, so you better make sure you have found a location that suits your needs and lifestyle.

If you find a piece of land and want to build there are several affordable options. The first are container homes. Several companies are now operating here that specialize in converting containers into affordable living spaces. In fact, at first glance one would never know many of these homes were once shipping containers.

Another alternative is small mobile houses like those that are become a more popular housing option in the U.S. The advantage is that these homes are inexpensive can be towed to almost any location in Costa Rica. Since home prices can be out of reach for expat retirees living on a small pension, now  there is an affordable alternative to the traditional housing market.

In 2011 Grevin Calderon started his construction company that manufactures small mobile homes for those on a small budget. His homes have a foundation and frame made of galvanized steel that are covered with wood and are strong enough to withstand an earthquake. The durable frame also helps the structure negotiate Costa Rica’s many bumpy roads when being towed to a new location.

Banco Popular offers financing for these homes and the country’s government insurance company, INS, now provides a special home owners  insurance policy for these structures. Grevin also made sure that the homes complied with the country’s traffic laws so they can be towed legally on any highway or street.

Furthermore, the owner of the company boasts that his housing alternative is the most affordable found in Canada, Mexico and Central and South America.

In addition to his mobile homes, Grevin also manufactures made-to-order mini campers that are much smaller than the homes.  Some of the options that are offered are: a water tank, spaces for a small stove, beds, a toilet,  shower and a ladder so additional people can sleep on the roof. This type of camper is perfect for cost conscious expats who want to get out and explore Costa Rica’s natural wonders and avoid staying at expensive hotels..

To find out more about these new housing and camping options: see or call 6368-0460, 7015-8091 or 6591-0283.

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