A Closer Look at the Necessary HR Tech ToolBox

If you work in HR, your daily duties can be made much simpler thanks to the wealth of wonderful online tools that are available right now.

Of course with so many tools out there, working out which is the best for your needs as an HR pro can be a challenge, so here is a breakdown of the most important assets that should be on your checklist.

Paystub Creators

With the right paystub creator at your disposal, you can breeze through otherwise complex payroll tasks in no time flat.

Modern solutions will not only allow you to generate paystubs for employees with all of the information you need but also to automate the more complex aspects of this, ensuring that the information included is accurate and reliable. So rather than risking errors cropping up and going unnoticed, you can give proof of income and keep team members happy without having to dedicate a good chunk of your time to it.

Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment is another area in which HR teams are expected to shine, and yet there are lots of obstacles to overcome in your quest to find the best new hires for your firm.

This is where software services can be your best friend, and there is plenty of competition in this space. Products offered by the likes of Greenhouse and iCIMS might grab your attention, and it will come down to the kinds of features you want out of the platform, as well as the budget you have available to assign to it.

Onboarding Software

Onboarding is another responsibility that falls to HR departments, and this is one of the most important aspects of any employee’s experience of working for an organization, so getting it right is vital.

If you are looking to minimize costs, then using a project management solution like Trello or Monday.com could be a good way to wrangle onboarding, although this will rely on you already have a decent set of processes in place.

If you are happy to spend a little more, then dedicated solutions like Enboarder or Talmundo might be more to your liking. Being able to boost employee engagement from day one, and even increase productivity as well as long-term retention of talented prospects, should be enough to sell you on this.

Communication Systems

HR is arguably a discipline that relies on clear and consistent communication more than any other professional calling, and so it is sensible to harness the right tools to stay in touch with other team members as well as employees across all departments.

Messaging platforms like Slack and Discord have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and for good reason; it is not just about allowing people to converse with colleagues instantaneously, but also about the broader elements of communication and collaboration that are crucial to the modern workplace.

Meanwhile, it is also important to not neglect the role that more old-fashioned and established communication options can play in keeping a company ticking over. Weekly email updates issued to everyone is a great move from a transparency perspective in this context.

Productivity Promoters

Staying productive is not always straightforward, especially in an age of perpetual digital distractions, but there are tools to help you cope and to fuel your professional efforts.

One such option is Calendly, a scheduling platform that is useful not only for people who want to get their own affairs in order, but also to see what others are up to and arrange meetings without needing to go through a whole chain of emails to achieve this.

Ultimately you will be able to find your own balance of HR-friendly tools with a little experimentation, but you should now have some ideas of where to get started.


Authored by Claire Ward, Paradigm Digital



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