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When it comes to your pet’s wellbeing you shouldn’t have to check with your bank account first!

We have partnered with Prudent Pet

Our pets are part of our families, that’s why their health is just as important as ours. PCFG Insurance has partnered with Prudent Pet Insurance to bring our clients coverage for their pets. 


Prudent Pet was created for Pet Parents, by Pet Parents

Key Features offered by Prudent Pet

How it works

Visit any licensed veterinarian

Visit any licensed veterinarian including emergency and specialty vets anywhere in the U.S.

Pay your vet bill

Pay your veterinarian's bill as you normally would and be sure to save your receipt.

Submit your bill to Prudent Pet

Submit your vet bill however it's most convenient for your. You can upload your bill online through our member portal, mail it in, or send it via fax.

Get reimbursed

Our speedy claims process combines the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology with a final human check to be sure you are being reimbursed quickly and accurately. When you set up a checking account, we can reimburse you through direct deposit.

Dog & Cat Pet Insurance

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Prudent Pet Insurance Plan Comparison

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