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About Our Real Estate Investment Insurance Program

We have partnered with top industry providers to offer a residential real estate investment insurance program which is developed with the needs of the investor at its core. Property and liability insurance for tenant-occupied, construction, and empty investment properties are included in the program, with coverage options tailored to each investor and portfolio.

Industry-Leading Carriers

All coverage is underwritten by AM Best “A” rated or better carriers so you can feel confident in their financial strength

Monthly Reporting Form

Insure all properties and ownership entities on one schedule with monthly billing and seamless changes across a varied portfolio

Easy Master Policy Management

With a master policy it is easy to manage the coverage on properties as you grow.

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Available Coverages Include:

With the real estate investment insurance program you can place all your properties on one master policy, making it easier to manage your coverages.


Protect your investment with an easy to manage mater policy with the top carriers

Why go with the leader?

Choosing PCFG Insurance & it's partners can accommodate any type of habitational investment property

Single Family

Single family home that is tenant-occupied, vacant, or under renovation.


Tenant-occupied, vacant, or renovation dwelling or complex, up to 20 units.


Walls-in coverage on an individually owned unit in any stage of occupancy.

New Construction

Ground up construction of entirely new structure.


One to 20-unit dwelling, condo, or mobile home being renovated.

Vacant Property

One to 20-unit property in between tenants or on the market to sell.

Vacation Rental

Furnished property (up to 20 units) or condo rented out on a short-term basis

Mobile Home

Tenant-occupied or vacant manufactured, modular or mobile dwelling.

Non-Performing Notes

A loan purchased from a borrower behind on or not making payments.

Vacant Land

Stand-alone liability coverage for a parcel of land with no dwelling.

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