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Even though auto insurance is required by law, insuring at the state minimums requirements may not be adequate coverage for you. That’s why a conversation with one of our advisors is so important.

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What is Auto Insurance

Auto insurance provides financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise therefrom. 

Auto insurance may also offers financial protection against theft of the vehicle and damage to the vehicle, sustained from things other than traffic collisions.

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Auto Insurance Coverages

There are basically six different types of coverages. Some may be required by law. Others are optional.

They are:

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability

is for injuries the policyholder causes to someone else.

Medical payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Medical payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

is for treatment of injuries to the driver and passengers of the policyholder’s car.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability

is for damage the policyholder causes to someone else’s property.


Collision coverage

is for damage to the policyholder’s car from a collision.


Comprehensive Coverage

is for damage to the policyholder’s car not involving a collision with another car (including damage from fire, explosions, earthquakes, floods, and riots), and theft.

Uninsured motorists coverage

Uninsured motorists coverage

is for costs resulting from an accident involving a hit-and-run driver or a driver who does not have insurance.

Make sure your coverage is right

We help you get the maximum coverage with in your budget.

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Brandon ELLIS
Brandon ELLIS
15:55 31 May 20
Liam O Brien is fantastic
Kesa Guest
Kesa Guest
19:42 11 May 20
alan burchell
alan burchell
23:12 09 Dec 19
i am deeply appreciative of the time and attention that liam gave me and my company. apparently we are not an easy... business model to quickly understand or classify. but where many carriers and insurance advisors passed us up, liam dug in, worked hard to understand us and then patiently explained this to multiple carriers. ultimately he found us the ideal coverage and at a much lower rate than i expected. this was true 5-star customer service. i highly, highly recommend liam and ‘preferred choice financial group’ for anyone looking for more
Tyler Latray
Tyler Latray
15:36 13 Sep 19
Liam was great at helping get the home coverage policy my family and I needed.
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When you get behind the wheel, you take a risk. You may attempt to be the best possible driver, but you also have to trust that everyone else on the road is driving well and paying attention too. Auto insurance provides a safety net when drivers make mistakes.

Getting a car insurance quote from PCFG is easy. Just contact one of our insurance advisors or use our contact us to start creating a policy that offers the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Auto insurance is a contract, and as with many contracts, it can be canceled or voided by either party. You can drop the contract by changing to another company. The following are circumstances in which an insurance company can drop you:

- If you fail to pay your premiums

- If you present fraudulent information on your application for coverage

- If your license is suspended or revoked for any reason, such as too many accidents or driving under the influence

Some states allow companies to drop coverage for other reasons. To learn about the laws in your state, contact us or visit the network in your area.

An insurance company may check your driving record when you are looking for a new policy, renewing your existing policy or modifying the policy by adding a new driver or additional vehicle.

You may also wonder whether your driving record can prevent you from getting insurance. Your driving record check typically will not prevent you from getting coverage, but it does help the company determine the risk they will take when issuing a policy to you.

his is a common question. If you make sure you have your own vehicle covered, do you need to get the special coverage offered at the rental counter if you go on vacation and get a rental car?

You will have to double-check your particular policy, but most policies do provide the same coverage for a rental car that you have for your personal vehicle, unless the rental is being used for business purposes. 

It’s always a good idea to check your policy. If you are seeking a new policy, we're always here to help you find one that does cover rentals.