Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California Profiles Restaurant Industry

Restaurants make up a sizable portion of California’s workers’ comp system, a new report shows. The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California released the first report in its industry profile series, which examines an industry sector in the state’s … Original source:

7 steps to a debt-free holiday season

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Customer satisfaction survey recap

Using your insights to empower our decisions Throughout the past year, ExamOne has been changing. We’ve taken steps to ensure we are focused on the right thing—you, our customer. We introduced new leaders to our organization who are passionate and enthusiastic about the experience clients have with ExamOne. As we continue our quest to deliver […]

Our quest to give back

ExamOne and Quest Diagnostics actively support charitable organizations where we live, work, and serve. We believe in giving back, and encourage our employees to pay it forward by showing and sharing gratitude. Now, more than ever, our communities rely on the generosity of our employees during these difficult times. How our employees have stepped up by […]

Average Price of Washington Workers’ Com Going up Slightly in 2022

The Washington Department of Labor & Industries announced a 3.1% increase in the average worker’s compensation premium rate for hours worked in 2022. “A modest hike is needed because of the rising costs to provide workers’ compensation coverage. It’s the … Original source:

What is LV= and why does its takeover matter?

What is LV= and why does its takeover matter? Questions linger over the proposed buyout of the pensions and insurance mutual by a US private equity firmWhat is LV=?LV= is a pensions and life insurance mutual originally known as Liverpool Victoria. It was founded in 1843 with the original aim of allowing … Read More…

Florida Bill Would Extend COVID Liability Protection for Health Workers

A Florida Senate committee has drafted a bill that would extend health care providers’ COVID-19 liability protection for another 14 months. The Legislature in 2021 created the lawsuit protections for doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and others, but they are due … Original source: