I’m alone for the weekend. My wife has gone to meet up with her two sisters. She’ll be back on Tuesday night.      According to an ad from Meals on Wheels, “Social isolation is as deadly as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.” I don’t know where they get that […]

Did You Inherit An IRA? Call The IRA Custodian For Help

If you are the beneficiary of an IRA and the owner of it passes away, the IRA custodian can help you navigate the process of inheriting the IRA. Original source:

The Paradigm Of Money Documentary Film Exposes Systemic Corruption In Financial Markets

The Paradigm of Money documentary film exposes that due to corporate greed, widespread systemic corruption and regulatory capture, the transfer of wealth from middle class to one-percenters is no surprise. Original source:

Dec 1, Be informed: COVID

Do you know who Robert Kennedy Jr. is and have you seen the website he stated called Children’s Health Defense? He has written a book about Anthony Fauci Original source:

Exploring Atlantic Canada during Covid-19

We hadn’t done much planning. After all, we weren’t even sure we would get across the border; there were so many discouraging words about journeying north. Was it worth planning a trip that might never occur? The woman who answered the phone at the Inn on the Wharf in Lubec, Maine had said, “99% of […]

Is It Time To Stop Taking Life So Seriously?

Imagine you’re a taking a late afternoon walk through your favorite woods.  The distant chatter of birds and the tranquility of the late slanting sunlight is suddenly disrupted by the appearance of a large black bear.  Upon seeing you, the bear raises to his back feet, lets out a roar, and starts eyeing you like […]

Nov 25, Thanks for this Forum

I retired 12 days ago. Right after, I traveled to Boston with my husband for 3 days and upon returning I seem to be just recovering. It’s not that I can’t Original source: