I’m alone for the weekend. My wife has gone to meet up with her two sisters. She’ll be back on Tuesday night.      According to an ad from Meals on Wheels, “Social isolation is as deadly as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.” I don’t know where they get that […]

Life Insurance Group Elects New President

Life Insurance Group Elects New President P A Norton elected pres Read More… Mutual Life Insurance Names Board Members T Schlesinger and M C Holm elected to trustees bd Read More… Patriot Life Insurance Names Vice President Read More… F.T.C. Cites Abuse of ‘Debit’ Life Insurance FTC rept scores ‘debit’ policies, usually sold door-to-door, with […]

Florida Man and Three Others Sentenced for Millions in Fake Construction Bonds

A federal judge in Miami sentenced four men to at least two years in prison each for a scheme that sold worthless construction bonds for major building projects in 2015. Working under the name of Hampton Investment Fund, CHM Secure … Original source:

Did You Inherit An IRA? Call The IRA Custodian For Help

If you are the beneficiary of an IRA and the owner of it passes away, the IRA custodian can help you navigate the process of inheriting the IRA. Original source:

Great Lakes’ Warming Brings Higher Winter Temperatures Across Midwest

Winter is just around the corner, but experts say the Great Lakes haven’t gotten the message. After summer and fall evenings that failed to cool sufficiently, surface temperatures in the massive bodies of water are trending above average, the Chicago … Original source:

The Paradigm Of Money Documentary Film Exposes Systemic Corruption In Financial Markets

The Paradigm of Money documentary film exposes that due to corporate greed, widespread systemic corruption and regulatory capture, the transfer of wealth from middle class to one-percenters is no surprise. Original source: