The following link will take you to part two of my two-part series covering the final dress/tech rehearsal before opening night of the Priscilla Beach Theatre (PBT) production of “The Addams Family.” (I also included a previously published link to part one below that).

Also on that website are links to every PBT production I have photographed since the theatre reopened in 2015 after a major renovation by Owners and Guardians Bob and Sandy Malone. Relive the magic of live theatre! 

Starting in December, PBT will begin selling tickets to the 2022 season which begins April 29th, 2022. Don’t wait – support local live theatre in our community. You can reach PBT as follows: or by phone at 508-224-4888.

Next year PBT will offer:


(8 performances for May)
(8 performances for June)
(14 performances for July)
(14 performances for August)
(8 performances for September)
(8 performances for October)

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