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These last two years have made clear the importance of good leadership in companies, as it has been those with highly trusted CEOs that have best withstood the onslaught of the current changing environment.

In this context, Great Place to Work Mexico selected the best 25 CEOs in the country in 2021.

“For the construction of this list, at Great Place to Work we consider the full and effective participation of the CEOs of The Best Places to Work in Mexico , obtaining the highest levels of Trust, both individually and at the organization level. For this effort we recognize in our list the Best CEOs Mexico 2021 “, said Alma Rosa García Puig, CEO of GPTW. “Those who make up this list are part of the community of leaders whose purpose is to enhance trust, strengthen strategy, take care of the organization and preserve its human sense.”

This top considered the average of the two results of the positions obtained in the FOR ALL and In Times of Challenge 2021 ranking of GPTW, to select the five best organizations by category. In addition, the result of the individual Trust Index (Credibility, Respect and Impartiality) of each CEO was taken, considering only the responses of those who report directly to them (minimum three responses), from the perspective of the area, which directly evaluates the leader.

In this way, the five best CEOs in each category and a total of 25 characters to recognize were made eligible. It should be noted that the positions of this ranking were defined alphabetically for each category, which were segmented according to the number of collaborators: Less than 50, from 50 to 500 Multinationals, from 50 to 500 Nationals, from 500 to 5000 and more than 5000 employees.

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