GASB 96 (SBITA) Contract Tracker
Use this free GASB 96 (SBITA) contract tracking spreadsheet to easily document your subscription arrangement data.
Record complete data

This tool has all the information you need to provide to ensure your subscription listing is comprehensive.

Enable Collaboration

Departments across your organization can easily provide necessary SBITA contract information.

Cross-check for accuracy

Cross-check this inventory with your vendor list to ensure you’ve identified all your subscription arrangements.

About the GASB 96 (SBITA) contract tracker:

Our easy to use SBITA contract tracker keeps all of your subscription arrangement data in one place. We know that starting an Excel spreadsheet from scratch can be cumbersome, so this tracker is pre-populated with everything you need in order to keep tabs on your IT contracts with subscriptions.

GASB 96 is effective for government entities with fiscal years beginning after June 15, 2022. The standard requires governments to record both subscription assets and liabilities for SBITAs on the statement of net position.

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