Of the all the new and interesting retirement articles published in Q3 2021, these are the 10 posts that resonated the most with readers on NewRetirement:

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1. 16 Retirement Surprises: What Retirees Wish They Knew About Retirement BEFORE Retiring

Here are 16 possible retirement surprises. For some, it will inspire an early retirement. Others will want to proceed more cautiously.

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2. The Transition to Retirement: 11 Exceptional Tips for the Average Joe or Jane

Boomers were never average. However, here are 11 exceptional tips for the transition to retirement that apply to us all.

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3. Are You Wealthy? 19 Ways to Define Wealth

Are you wealthy? Are you defining wealth correctly? See how people think about wealth and compare your financial well being to others’.

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4. 3 Steps to a Retirement Income Plan: Nobel Winner Helps You Find Best Options for a Secure Future

Nobel prize winner Robert Merton outlines the 3 steps you need to take to create a retirement income plan for a secure future.

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5. NEW Retirement Rules: 15 Guidelines for Financial Security in a Brave New World

Many ideas about retirement are outmoded. Explore these 15 NEW retirement rules for a more secure future.

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6. Retirement Boredom and Other Hardships: 14 Ways to Eliminate the Ennui

Boredom ranks as the biggest retirement problem. Explore this and other common post-work issues. Plus, discover 14 creative ways to overcome the ennui.

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7. What Motivates You to Retire? How Did Others Decide to Take the Leap?

Explore the 7 most often cited motivations for leaping into retirement. Three of them might really surprise you.

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8. Which Countries’ Citizens Enjoy the Best Retirement? (Guess Where the U.S. Ranks?)

Who is in the top 10 and why? What are global threats to retirement security? Can you move to any of the top 10 locales?

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9. When Can I Retire? 21 Questions to Help You Find the Right Time

There is no one right way to decide when you can retire. Use these questions to figure out when is right for you.

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10. Do You Have the Right Mindset for a Secure and Happy Retirement?

Too many people think that their financial profile is set and can’t be changed. Find out how to develop a planning mindset to strengthen your success.

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Most retirees aren’t tapping nest eggs before required withdrawals, research finds (CNBC)

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