Earlier this summer, you may have received an invitation to participate in our annual customer satisfaction survey. This survey, performed every June, measures our service levels across all product lines. It helps us identify what we are doing well as well as areas where we may be falling short.

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The ExamOne team actively reviews all survey responses and works diligently to put your feedback into action. Over the past couple years, one area of concern that continues to surface on our survey is the overall APS/medical record retrieval process. We know this can be long and tedious, ultimately making the whole experience less than ideal for you and/or your applicant. We are focused on improving this process and want to share some of the initiatives we have started.

Customer feedback puts a focus on operational improvements

In the fall of 2020, we assembled a small APS-user focus group comprised of clients and employees to help us identify pain points. As we listened to their feedback, we found these common themes: poor grammar, small screen view, repetitiveness of some status entries, and delayed time service.  

Through listening to these individuals’ frustrations, as well as some of their wish list items, our development team identified several quick improvements to help enhance the user experience.

So, what’s changed and what’s to come? In May 2021, we:

4 tips you can use for faster applicant identification and record retrieval

We hope some of these small changes will start to improve your APS experience with ExamOne. Read more on our medical record retrieval process here.  

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